Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Your stronger then you think

This Photo was taken when Kayla and I went for our fun photo shoot day. Once again I don't know how I decided to use the color red here when I find it a hard color to create with. Ended up corperating some other colors and once again grunge it up with my favorite black.


  1. LOVE!!! Love love LOVE this page! Wonderful color and design. I think you should throw down with us over at Punky Scraps- you would win every single month. Lemme to check to see if you have something up there- if not I expect to see something my lady! Just kidding- but I think you would win really. This is FABULOUS! (and pinned to my Punky board)

  2. Gorgeous photo..and i love the red/black combo. Very striking layout.


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