Saturday, 25 February 2012

My Love For Pink

Well Welcome to Alberta weather, got a huge dump of snow. Great creating weather.  I made this lo because I am thinking of applying for a DT call .  I'm not sure yet because they require a card and an altered project as well.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Love is like a butterfly

Well this is my first sketch I ever did since I've been scrapping which is 14 years.  Wow did I have fun with this. I never realized how fun and inspiring a sketch could be.
Hi Ladies. I got this photo from Pinterest, Another addiction. I love looking at the yummy photos there. Very inspiring in many things. I tried to

Saturday, 18 February 2012

My baby girl Kayla on her graduation. She struggled at times but with hard work and determination she made it! Lots of inking and rub ons on this lo and I love the happy face guy! So happy for you Kayla
This is a lo of Kayla Miss Glamour Girl. She had a black blanket wrapped around her and it gave me some inspiration to scrap this.  I used a mixture of supplies, Love the burgundy misting, I mixed red, pink and purple to get that effect,
Good Morning Ladies.. Happy Saturday :) This is Nikky love scrapin her. Once again I used bright colors around the photo to  bring the eye directly on her precious face. Just love dressing her up and wrapping warm blankets around her. And um I also love clouds. Thanks for stopping in :)

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Art Begins With Vision

Someone always has to ruin the pic

hehhe isn't he just the cutest.. No I didn't take this picture, someone sent it to me.. Ha if i was that close to those beloved creatures i'd tuck them under my arms and bring them home to be my friends.. :))))) For the love of animals..!!! :))

Your stronger then you think

This Photo was taken when Kayla and I went for our fun photo shoot day. Once again I don't know how I decided to use the color red here when I find it a hard color to create with. Ended up corperating some other colors and once again grunge it up with my favorite black.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

You Sweet You

Play Beleive Love

The Cuban Cigar

I'm Grateful for You

Me Right Behind You

When I showed Kayla this picture I thought I was real sneeky, lol because  I was driving right behind her. She said yah ok mom as if I didn't see 6 flashes going off.. ahahah. Well I didn't see the flash go off so I figured she wouldn't either.
Kayla and I went for a somewhat professional photo shott. Pretty casual.We had a great day, went all over downtown and in alleys where there was some pretty neat caligraphy. I got into Copic markers and used them to color in all the details. :)
Kayla got into an accident shorlty after her license and her new suv. Yes it was her fault but thankfully no one was hurt. I have lots of journaling but am too lazy to type it all. haha.
In the 60's my Grandpa came to Canada from Hungary and we took him fishing to Jack fish lake. Used lots of mist, paint and stamping.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

This is my good old Phaff Sewing Machine that I've had forever. Works like a charm. I really got into the misting on this lo. Love using stamps. :)
I scrapbook my daughter alot.. Love adding bright colors and all kinds of texture to my lo's. She's fun to scrap. 
I found this photo on the internet and thought it was a pretty kewl pic. Had to create something with it. Pretty happy with the outcome. 

Cuba - Travel forever

I enjoyed creating an album for my son and his gf on their trip to Cuba.  I did alot of intense misting on this lo at the top. Added lots of elements at the bottom of the lo.


This is a lo I created of my daughter Kayla. I love how she pukers her lips. I tried that didn't work lol. I tried to create the "pretty page" doesn't work for me. Ended up grunding it up with lots of black stamps and rub ons. Unique Crafters Challenge

Sight Seeing In Cuba

I had fun doing this lo of my son and his gf's trip to Cuba. I have a hard time scrapping more then one photo. It was a challenge thats for sure. :)

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

I love to Srap

I think this is one of my favorite lo's I created. Lots of color and love playing with black and the grunge look.

Kayla My Strenght

Kayla my strenght.  I found the color red very challenging and don't work with it alot. Thank goodness for the color black

Monday, 6 February 2012

Well and this is Just Nikky lol. She's quite the spolied little girl, just chillin in the sunshine from the window.

Hands So Soft

This lo is when my daughter graduated from high school.  She asked to borrow a ring of mine, I said of course, as long as I get it back.  Was fun creating this lo using bright colors mixed with a touch of black.

Girly Girl

Couple of years ago I went to the gun range. Was interesting and enjoyed it, thus having to wear headphones. Being the girly girl that I am I still had to wear makeup,mascara forsure

Saturday, 4 February 2012

In memory of my dear dad

My dear dad passed away on January 26, 2012. This lo is a tribute to him and his love of life. You will sadly be missed dad.